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All Ceramic Crowns

A crown, or cap, is a protective covering which is cemented (glued) over a tooth to prevent the tooth from fracturing. They are made of very natural looking porcelain and sometimes have a framework of high noble metal for added strength. Dr. Browne and his staff will carefully examine each patientís mouth to identify weak teeth which may be at risk of breaking. Teeth with large fillings with only a thin shell of tooth around the filling are very likely to split or fracture. Teeth with root canals or discolored cracks are at risk of splitting as well.

We sometimes hear our patients say, ďIf itís not broke, donít fix itĒ. Our staff can assure you that we will never recommend treatment which is not needed; however, being proactive by preventing painful and costly fractures of teeth is a service which we proudly provide. A common misconception is that all teeth which are crowned, or capped, must have a root canal first. Crowning teeth before they fracture will greatly reduce the need for a root canal. Conversely, trying to save money by not crowning a tooth often leads to more expensive dental treatment once the tooth does fracture such as; root canals, large fillings, and even possible extractions of the tooth all together. Crowns are done with local anesthesia and generally take two appointments to complete. Crowns are a great way to improve, straighten, and whiten your smile as well. (More Detail)

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