Dental Hygiene Products
Dental Hygiene Products

Take Home Products

Oral B Smart Series 5000 Toothbrush

This powerful toothbrush provides you with that smooth , clean, "just left the dentist’s office" feeling.  It features a quadrant timer for all four areas of the mouth for the full dentist recommended two minutes. 

  • Built in Pressure Sensor to Prevent Brushing Too Hard
  • 5 Brush Modes
    • Daily Clean
    • Sensitive
    • Massage
    • Whitening
    • Deep Clean mode

You, your dentist, and your dental hygienist will notice a difference or your money back! 

See our article "Is there really a difference? Manual vs. Power Toothbrushes" to learn about the differences in toothbrushes.


Daily use of Periomed mouth rinse helps reduce gum inflammation, control bleeding gums, reduce sensitivity, aid in remineralization, and provide protection from tooth decay.

"Just For Kids"

This take home prescription is a brush on fluoride gel designed especially for children to use nightly to prevent tooth decay. 

Soothe Rx

This prescription strength take home kit is designed for those patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity.  It provides relief from hot and cold tooth sensitivity for six months plus.

Clinpro™ 5000

This prescription strength toothpaste has more than four times the amount of fluoride compared to normal over the counter toothpastes.  It is designed especially for patients with braces, crowns, and bridges.  In addition, it helps reverse root cavities.

See our article about why you may need Clinpro!

In-Office Products

Vanish XT

This quick in-office product provides a coating that gives sensitive teeth relief for up to six months.


Arestin is an antibiotic powder that when placed directly at the source of gum infection helps to alleviate the infection and discomfort quickly.


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