Implants are the most exciting advancement in the recent history of dentistry.  Dr. Browne works with local oral surgeons to permanently replace missing teeth through implant dentistry.  Initially, a small titanium cylinder is placed in the bone.  Over the next few months, the bone will grow through and around the cylinder to anchor it into the jaw.  Next, a post is screwed into the cylinder and a crown is placed onto the post giving you a natural looking and fully functioning new tooth!  Implants can and should be used to replace multiple teeth as well.

Could Dental Implants Be Right For Me?

One of the most exciting advancements in dentistry involves replacing missing teeth through the use of Dental Implants. Even though a patient may strive very hard to maintain their natural teeth, occasions may arise when a patient loses one or more teeth. This may be the result of a traumatic injury to the mouth or from periodontal disease (Gum Disease) or even severe dental decay (cavities).

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