Does My Child Need a Pediatric Dentist
Does My Child Need a Pediatric Dentist

Probably Not!  In fact, most children do very well with a Family dentist. 

Pediatric dentists serve a very important purpose.  They are trained in child psychology and special needs children which can make them better suited to care for children who have behavior and/or physical challenges. Their offices are quite impressive for children and adults alike.   They routinely have play areas, movies, and other interactive capabilities. However, their unique surroundings do not necessarily add to the care and treatment of your beloved children.

One of our little patients

Dr. Browne and his staff have over 20 years of experience nurturing and caring for the dental needs of children.  Our office is designed for the entire family even though our youngest patients are quite fond of our built in custom aquarium. Most importantly, we strive to deliver unsurpassed dental care in a comfortable, caring environment to all of our patients regardless of their age or level of apprehension.  Our motto is "Come to our office and never be afraid of the Dentist again"

Dr. Browne believes that most dental phobias originate from bad experiences as a child.  With this in mind, Dr. Browne and his staff will use their experience and caring approach to develop the trust and confidence of your child.  We believe that it is very important for children to become familiar and comfortable with their caregivers.  This familiarity can best be accomplished by visiting our office when your children are between 2-3 years old and allowing them to watch Mommy or Daddy get their teeth cleaned.  There is no greater reassurance to a child than to see their parent enjoying a comfortable appointment.   Our staff will take this opportunity to show your child the equipment, count their teeth, and even give an exam to a favorite stuffed animal.  All of this designed to create a calming, welcoming atmosphere which will allow your child to grow up without the dental fears which plague so many adults.

Family DentistryMany of our patients have been coming to Dr. Browne since they were children and are now bringing their children to our practice. There is no greater honor for our dental practice than when a parent trusts us to care for the dental needs of their children.

In addition, when your family joins our dental family, we will emphasize the habits and techniques which will promote a healthy mouth.  We, at Bowman R. Browne DDS, will tirelessly promote and teach our patients about excellent oral hygiene in an encouraging, non-judgmental fashion.

Rest assured, we will be the first to recommend a pediatric dentist if your child requires a specialist.  But, unlike the necessity that your child sees a pediatrician for their health, Dr. Bowman Browne Family and Cosmetic Dental office can meet and exceed your entire family’s dental needs at a lower cost than a large Pediatric Dental office.  Dr. Browne would like to personally invite your entire family to visit our office today.  Our staff will provide the added benefit of convenient scheduling by making your appointments together in hopes of eliminating numerous dental trips.

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